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Samani Development is obssessed with simplifying processes, technology, and creating quality content. Based in the heart of Salt Lake City, Utah, Samani Development is one of the most unique tech firms in the valley. We have recruited some of the best talent in the state specializing in Sales, Marketing, UX - UI, Designing and Building Websites, Professional SEO and SEO Services, Data Collection, Analytics and much more. Wether you simply need marketing materials like a logo or flyer or need a full blown marketing plan and website to boot, we are always ready to serve clients locally and remotely.

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Basic SEO Package
$500 Down

What is SEO? It is how you get found on the internet, but more importantly, Google. See how we can help increase your traffic and boost your sales

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Build An Online Store
$1,500 Down

Trying to figure out how to start your own online business can be confusing, frustrating, and time consuming. We simplify processes, automate your workflow, and show you how to make money online.

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Build A Website
$5,000 Down

Stand out from your competition. Remove all the dead weight and let us hand craft you a light, effecient, and scalable website. No templates, no gimmicks. Completly hand crafted by our experts

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What is SEO?

It's how you get found on Google.

You’re on the road in an unfamiliar area and you’re craving a delicious cheeseburger. You pull out your cell phone and Google “Burgers Near Me”. If you’re like over 90% of the population that uses this method, chances are that you won’t make it past the first page of Google. This is an example of the importance of SEO.

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization, and affects the online presence or visibility of a website in a search engines unpaid results section. It is referred to as “organic” traffic. Establishing your brand or business as domineering in the digital world, like all things worth having, take patience, persistence, and commitment. Factor in an invaluable product or service and you will begin to see an incline in your online presence.

User experience is also very imperative when it comes to your SEO results. Users want a fundamentally, easy to navigate experience and quality content when visiting your site. This creates a positive customer experience that will reflect on the business; so make it easy and delightful for people to do business with you.

Salt Lake City, Samani Development HQ